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The completed schedule is available on

General Information

  • Registrations start at 8h30!
  • Workshop seats are limited to max 30 persons in rooms Orval, Chimay & La Trappe Seats will be on a first come first serve basis, please be there in time!!
  • Workshops run for 2 consecutive speaking slots (ca. 2 hours)
  • Workshop rooms in the location Novotel Ghent (Orval, Chimay, La Trappe) are 5 minutes walking from the main venue
  • This schedule is subject to change, check back regularly.

Current list of speakers


  • Amelia Andersdotter - Member of the European Parliament on behalf of Piratpartiet
  • David Mortman - Back in Black
  • Dan Guido - CEO of Trail of Bits


  • Alex Hutton, David Mortman, Kris Buytaert, Patrick Debois - A panel on DevOPS and Security
  • Aloria - .NET: The Framework, the Myth, the Legend
  • David Perez, Jose Pico - Geolocation of GSM mobile devices, even if they do not want to be found.
  • Erin Jacobs, Zack Fasel - Taking the BDSM out of PCI-DSS through open-source solutions
  • Jake Valletta - CobraDroid
  • Robert Graham - Data-plane networking
  • Russ Gideon - Paint by Numbers vs. Monet
  • Stephan Chenette - Building Custom Android Malware for Penetration Testing
  • Tiago Balgan Henriques, Tiago Martins, João Gouveia - Realtime analysis and visualization of internet status : from malware to compromised machines.
  • Vaagn Toukharian - HTTP Time Bandit


  • Carlos G. Prado - Automating RE with Python
  • Christopher Lytle - Crypto by example - A hands-on cryptography workshop
  • Didier Stevens - Advanced Excel Hacking
  • Ioannis Koniaris - Analyzing Internet Attacks with Honeypots
  • Matt Erasmus, Eireann Leverett - Foundational Packetry: Using the internet on God mode
  • Sandro Melo - Kudo : Post Mortem Forensic Analysis with FLOSS tools 2.0
  • The Cuckoo Team - Cuckoo
  • Willi Ballenthin/Michael Sikorski - Winter Cluster: Building a malware 'agglomerator'
  • DJ Jackalope, Keith Myers, Count Ninjula - DJ Workshop